Our high bay was used in the Liverpoor Football Court UK

02 December
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Our high bay was used in the Liverpoor Football Court UK, as the picture shown.


And we believe that video will be better than words to express,

this link for our highbay showing in Youtube for your reference:

Today, we are going to share about glare lighting in the industrial application for you.


UGR stands for “unified glare rating”. The UGR value is a dimensionless parameter which provides information about the degree of psychological glare of a lighting installation in an indoor space.

UGR values are defined in steps within a scale of 10 to 30. The lower UGR value, the less glare light.

Design with shielding angle is the most effective way to against glare light.


All traditional highbay has a very deep reflector, which means its shielding angle is quite big, and provide side-glare control.

But when using a reflector, the total lumen will reduce,


In Warehouse lighting applications, visual comfort is critical.

Our Annulight? technology greatly minimizes glare. UGR of Annulight highbay. 60° UGR<16, 80° UGR<19, 110° UGR<26.

In the meantime, our lumen efficacy is above 140lm/w. More details, please reference the attachment.


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