Area Light

SB18A Series Area Light

2016-12-24 07:16

SB18A Series Area Light provide a new level  of performance, versatility and value

in a low profile. High efficiency up to 130  LPW to get high engery saving  percentage.

Architectural design that  delivers significant installation and energy savings, bigger size

and heavy duty  design to meet high end  clients’ requirements. If want  to update lighting

from HID with new system looking,  here is the  best chioice, normally hot selling is

to use 300W to replace 1000W MH lamp, and also can use 360W  to replace 1500W MH

lamp to get a better lumen output up to 40,000 lumen, Energy efficiency is more  than 70%.

Premium DLC listed. Integrated heat sink design to solve the  heat sink perfectly

with air flow in the  back,  dust  can easily go away from rain water, Zero mantain.

For installation, directly intalled to round pole  and square pole  are available as option.

Standard color to use Black US. popular color.

Whole set fixture  provide 50,000 + Hrs lifespan, and 5 years warranty.

Photometric Type: Type 3 wing Type.

Applications: parking lots, walkways, roadways and building areas.